The Experience Step By Step

The First Stage

A look at the past

The Eat Boqueria experience is divided into three stages and lasts about an hour and a half, depending on how long we spend enjoying every moment.

In the first part, called History, as you wander along the attractive walkways of the market, Carlos will tell you all about how La Boqueria was born, where its name comes from and how it has been preserved throughout different periods and key dates.

The Second Stage

A journey full of traditions

La Boqueria is like a small town though, which has its pros and cons. If you want to feel welcome and get a taste of the real Boqueria, you won’t need a tourist guide, you’ll need a sponsor, someone who belongs there and knows the right people, so you can access the knowledge and stories behind each stall.

This will help you not only choose the best product, but taste it, knowing and appreciating every detail.

The Third Stage

A market of sensations for living

That’s why Carlos and his team are your best companion. After more than 8 years rushing around the walkways of La Boqueria, he knows every name, every product and every hidden gem, which he has handpicked for you to live the true Boqueria experience and taste Barcelona with all of its spices.

Last but not least...

The Sampling Stage

Now is the time to put our palates to work with all the knowledge we have acquired and enjoy the taste of four of the main favourite Spanish products: ham, cheese, olives and wine.

In the tasting experience you will be able to try the best products from every stall. In addition to savouring the most amazing and authentic flavours, you will learn to identify the best products and even the best way to cut ham! That way, you will obtain a lot of privileged and VIP information.

Enjoy the True Boqueria Experience


Tuesday to Thursday


At 10h and 13h


120 minutes


1 to 10 people